Come and photograph the legendary 360KMsq varied landscape and wildlife of Ol Pejeta, the award-winning wildlife conservancy in Kenya, in the foothills of Kenya’s highest mountain. This adventure will push you to get out of bed early to capture the sunrise, help you to plan your shoots properly, and teach you skills that will show rewards time and time again.

These photo tours are a world away from the usual tourist game park scramble, they are truly immersive, you will come away enthused and inspired. They have been carefully custom-built for photographers in close collaboration with the team at Ol Pejeta.

Capture the action
Getting up close to Rhinos

Ian Aitken will be on hand daily, guiding each dawn and dusk game spotting drives, also during the daily excursions to help improve your photography.

During the day there are extensive excursions to visit the behind the scenes activity of what makes a modern-day conservancy tick. At night you can sit around the firepit talking over your experiences and meeting other visitors.

The whole package has been put together to enable you to relax, enjoy and learn.
Transport, accommodation, lodging and meals for 7 nights are all included in the price. *collection and drop off to and from Nairobi included.

Getting up close to Rhinos

A small example of experiences you will encounter

Spectacular sunrises and sunsets each day from the comfort of your 4×4 safari truck in the wilderness.

Encounter the only two northern white rhinos, left in the world

Explore Ol Pejeta’s fantastic wildlife, including the ‘big five’ (rhino, leopard, elephant, buffalo and lion), Grevy’s zebra, Cheetah, East Africa’s largest black rhino population and the only chimpanzee sanctuary in East Africa.

Iimmerse yourself in the vast, 350sq km varied landscape of bush, acacia woodland, rivers and high plains in the shadow of Mount Kenya

Find out first-hand from the experts about Ol Pejeta’s pioneering conservation and community development work, during visits to the local communities.

Meet the anti-poaching dog team and be tracked by sniffer dogs.

Track lions through the bush.

Visit behind the scenes at the chimpanzee sanctuary.

Go on a night game drive.

You’ll get fully engaged in the landscape, people and animals of the Laikipia region.

The itinerary is so immersive non-photographers will be equally blown away.

In a small group (4-8 max) and with Ian’s friendly advice and tuition, you’ll learn how to take better wildlife pictures, understand digital workflow and develop techniques for post-processing your images.

The all-inclusive price offers outstanding value. Yet, you’ll be directly contributing to Ol Pejeta’s conservation programme and associated community projects.

Out of Africa

Read the featured article of the Apprentice in NPhoto magazine when they headed to the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya with Ian Aitken

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