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Raised in locations across Africa and Cyprus, it’s not surprising that I would pursue a lifetime of adventures and curious exploration. Feel free to ask me anything about my past exploits when we meet, but here is an initial rundown to give you a flavour for my perspective, and some of my background.

Travel and photography have been the mainstays of my life. Initially assisting on commercial projects and then taking full creative responsibility for editorial imagery and advertising campaigns for well-known global brands put me at the forefront of the industry for many decades.

I worked with British Airways, Toyota, Audi, Kroenenbourg, Royal Mail, Salomon, Tui, CrystalSki, and Rough Guide Publishing to name a few, and more recently was sole photographer for a Royal Geographical Society exhibition to raise funds for the last Northern White Rhino in Ol Pejeta Conservancy.

My imagery visually narrates moments in diverse, and sometimes challenging, locations worldwide, including Northern and Central Africa, Europe, Australia, the USA, and the UK, and I personally have had the most incredible experience doing it.

Working in partnership with the Ol Pejeta Conservancy (Kenya) I set up and led numerous photographic tours and workshops for keen amateur and professional photographers alike, tailoring the package to accommodate seasonal, wildlife, and personal or professional needs. My skills and qualifications in teaching and coaching have been used to create the ideal environment for photographers to develop their skills and confidence whilst on tour, and then continue to apply this learning long after they return home

This tour condenses my decades of insight and experience in adventure travel, as well as photography, to ensure that you can get the maximum out of your time here in Spiti Valley, have an experience like no other, fill your heart and soul with memories, and if you brought your camera (!) that you return home with storytelling images beyond the norm.

Sharing my decades of experience as a photography trainer and travel photographer will ensure that you learn to not only capture what you see, but to skillfully create images which engage your viewer’s imagination, transporting them to that ‘decisive moment’, and imbuing your work with the ‘presence’ only a lifetime of photographic knowledge and experience, and a keen eye can guide you to.

We will be supported by amazing local guides each day which means that focused time for 1:1, in-the-field, photography coaching sessions with me can be built into the timetable, alongside specific locations and with a focus on any aspect of travel photography – from portraits to landscapes, wildlife to architecture. Adaptability being a travel photographer’s, greatest asset as we consider our plans on-the-ground and make the most of every single moment here.

But don’t take all this from me …

Here are a few of the kind words I have received from others on their adventure travel and/or photography journey’s with me!

And finally, here are a few additional random facts about me!